Sunday, April 20, 2014
The website for the Sumner County flood plain map is
The number to call about Sumner County zoning, water well or site sanitation (septic and lagoon systems) is 620-326-2207 ask for Mary or Jon.
The number to call for zoning or flood plain information outside of Mulvane's city limits in Sedgwick County is 660-1840.  
The City of Mulvane has jurisdiction in Sumner County only in a 3 mile radius of the city limits.  For questions call Raymond Fleming at 777-9516, City of Mulvane Inspector.
Planning Commission Committee
Charlie Mason
Jay Patterson 
Lyle Blue
Vickey Horton
Paul Banzet 
Nancy Reed
Mike Mundell
Larry Parker
Diane Paul
Ray Fleming, Zoning Administrator

The purpose of the Mulvane Planning Commission is to guide the development of the City of Mulvane as a community of which the city is a part.
To maintain and adopt an official Comprehensive Development Plan for the City of Mulvane and any unincorporated territory lying outside of the City but within Sedgwick and Sumner Counties within Mulvane's Governing Body by ordinance.
To prepare and adopt Zoning regulations for the City of Mulvane and extraterritorial jusidictions.
To make recommendations and hold hearings for annexations and vacated properties.
To prepare and plan for neighborhood and special project areas.
To maintain planning reference files of plans, reports, maps, ordinances, regulations and policies accessible to officials, developers and citizens.
For more information contact Raymond Fleming, City of Mulvane Building and Zoning Administrator at 777-9516 or