Welcome to the Mulvane Building & Contractors Department

Building Contractors License Classifications

Starting December 1st, 2016 Sedgwick County (MABCD) will be doing all of our licensing and inspections. Upon receiving a permit you will be asked to provide proof of license with Sedgwick County. You will still pull a permit as you normally would through City of Mulvane, For any inspections please call Sedgwick County as you would as if you were doing a job in Sedgwick County. For any questions please feel free to contact the City of Mulvane at 316-777-1143. 

Floodplain Maps

FEMA has determined the effective date for the floodplain maps was December 22, 2016. To view the maps on-line please visit https://gismaps.sedgwickcounty.org/mabcd/fema