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  1. The customer must have at least a 12 month history established at one residence before being eligible
  2. The customer shall have a good 12 month payment record (payment must be received on or before the 5th due date) as determined by the City Administrator before being eligible for level billing
  3. The customer shall pay the level payment amount by the 5 due date each month to remain on the program
  4. The City reserves the right to increase the level payment amount due to any rate increases that may occur. The customer will be notified of the new amount prior to any such increase
  5. Customers can make additional payments at any time if they feel their account is getting behind, or request to increase their level payment amount. The account balance is printed on your bill each month. It is recommended that you keep track of your current balance due
  6. Any additional payments received, will be determined as extra payments. It will not be considered as payment for the next month. The level payment amount must be received EACH month, on or before the due date, regardless of extra payments made
  7. If the customer pays the bill late, they will be automatically dropped from the program by the City, and the penalty shall apply. The customer will be required to bring their account up to date at that time. Any accounts not paid are subject to disconnect 
  8. The customer will remain on the program until they request to be removed, or taken off for late payment or insufficient funds by the City. The account must be brought up to date (paid in full) at that time
  9. The customer shall bring his/her current balance up to date with the February 5 payment each year. The customer shall increase or decrease their payment to have a - 0-balance. Any credit balance will be carried forward on the next billing and figured into the next level payment amount
  10. Notification to customers with their new level payment amount for the coming year will be sent the second week of February. The new level payment will begin with the January bill (which mails out in February and is due on or before March 5" of each year. 
  11. Methods of payment: In person, Drive-up window, Drop box, Mail, Automatic bank draft, Credit/Debit card, or online at Please include your payment stub for proper credit. If you are paying by phone you will need to indicate you are on level payment, so the correct amount will be applied.

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I wish to apply for the level payment plan for utilities (water, sewer, electric) on the above account. I understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions: 1. Should my plan amount not be paid by the fifth (5) of each month, the level payment agreement is null and void and any balance on the account is due in full. 2. I will remain enrolled on the level billing plan until I request cancellation in writing, or I am removed by the City of Mulvane. I understand that my account balance shall be brought up to date and made current with the December billing each year. The account shall be increased or decreased as necessary to have a -0 balance. (This is the payment due February 5th each year.)
Cancellation Request: I request cancellation of the level billing program.
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