The City of Mulvane is taking applications for a Network Administrator.  This position will oversee the City’s technology infrastructure.  Bachelor’s Degree in computer science preferred. Salary range $54,000 - $81,000/yr. depending on qualifications.  Please send application / resume to: City of Mulvane – 211 N. Second – Mulvane, KS.  67110 Attn:  City Clerk or   Applications must be received by 3/13/2020.


Department:  Administration

Reports to:  City Clerk

 Position Summary

Under the supervision of the City Clerk, the Network Administrator is a non-exempt position under FLSA which performs responsible and technical accounting and financial procedures.  The employee in this position is responsible for the day to day operation of the computer network, providing hardware and software support, and computer operations.  The employee must maintain absolute confidentiality of information, data, and records obtained through or because of employment with the City.


Examples of Work (Essential Functions)

  • Install, move, and maintain network equipment, including servers, routers, hubs, and workstations.
  • Add and remove users, provide appropriate file access and maintain groups as needed.
  • Assure the effective operation and maintenance of the Local and Wide Area Networks and keep updated.
  • Monitors and controls city communication processes as well as internet access and email.
  • Maintain system security and integrity with network software and regular system file backups.
  • Maintain the City’s file management operations.
  • Provide technical assistance to employees and City Council members.
  • Troubleshoot computer problems.
  • Install and maintain computer hardware and software and keep all renewal of licenses current.
  • Provide informal computer software training as necessary.
  • Provide computer and technological assistance with the City’s record management system.
  • Install, move, and maintain system hardware, including computers, printers, monitors, cabling, peripheral, and communication equipment including that in the Council Chambers.
  • Consult with other employees to determine needs.
  • Track inventory of existing computer equipment and update as new hardware and software is purchased.
  • Recommend computer software/applications that may make the City more efficient.
  • Evaluate computer software and hardware needs and make recommendations regarding new purchases and upgrades.
  • Research latest developments in information systems technology, including cybersecurity.
  • Setup, install, and maintain wireless access points and secure wireless infrastructure for the purpose of providing reliable and easy access to the network.
  • Serve as technical specialist in network problems and emergencies for the purpose of providing leadership during unscheduled downtime.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding the information being processed, stored or accessed by the network for the purpose of ensuring data is secure.
  • Develop and maintain a public WIFI system.
  • Write analytical reports as needed including evaluations and recommendations on software and hardware products.
  • Maintain the City’s website.
  • Maintain office equipment such as printers, copiers, video equipment and telecommunication systems.


Additional Examples of Work (Marginal Functions)

  • Assist other office personnel as needed;
  • Attend meetings as necessary;
  • Availability after regular business hours during an emergency or crisis.
  • Other related duties as deem necessary or as required:


 Network Administrator

Minimum Position Requirements

 Experience:  Three years computer repair, troubleshooting, and installation experience required.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well after six months in the position.

 Education:  High school diploma or GED required.  Technical degree or two years of college credit in computer science, or related field preferred.

 Skills:  Thorough knowledge of computer software applications, including Microsoft Windows/Windows 365.  Ability to repair, upgrade, and replace computer hardware.  Knowledge of Windows network preferred.  Ability to meet and deal tactfully with employees and the general public and to communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing.

 Problem Solving:  Frequent independent problem solving.  Encounters problems with computer hardware and software, as well as employee concerns.

 Decision Making:  Frequent independent decision making.  Makes decisions about hardware and software, computer upgrades, computer training, training schedules and requirements, and performing daily duties in the most efficient manner.  Decisions often made in stressful situations.

 Financial Accountability:  Responsible for department and City equipment.  Participates in the annual budget process.

 Supervision:  Works under the direction of the City Clerk.  Has no supervisory responsibilities.

 Personal Relations:  Continual contact with other city departments and outside vendors.  Occasional contact with the general public and other professionals in conducting city business.

 Working Conditions:  No adverse working conditions exist in this position.  Working in an office setting with a computer is the primary aspect of this position.

 Physical Requirements:  Requires full range of body motion including lifting, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.  Requires standing and walking.  Occasionally lifts and carries items weighting up to 50 pounds.  Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range.  Requires working under stressful conditions or occasionally working irregular hours.

 Privacy:  Confidentiality related to accessible data and records.


  Revised 02/26/20