If your driver's license has been suspended because of failure to appear in court or failure to pay fines and costs in the Mulvane Municipal Court, please contact the Court Clerk, by phone or in person and she will be able to assist you with this type of suspension.  If your license is suspended, you will incur an additional fee referred to as a reinstatement fee of $59.00 per charge/violation, and a $22.00 state surcharge per charge/violation, for a total of $81.00.  This reinstatement fee must be paid in full before the Clerk can request the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicle to restore your license.

If your driver's license is suspended for any reason other than failure to appear or unpaid fines and costs, then you must contact the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Kansas Department of Revenue
Driver Control Bureau
Docking State Office Building
Topeka, KS  66612