Utility Bill Information

25th of the month Bills are mailed to the customer

5th of the month        

Due date (It is your responsibility alone to ensure the payment arrives by the due date)

6th of the month 5% Penalty is assessed
10th of the month Late notices are mailed
19th of the month Last day to pay your bill without additional charges

20th of the month 




Disconnection of service for non-payment


All delinquent utility charges, administrative fees, additional deposits, & 
reconnect fees must be paid in full before reconnection of service.

Why so tough? Not tough, just consistent.  For years, good customers who paid their bill on time had to subsidize the bad habits of those who continually abused more lenient payment policies through higher rates.  Today, we strictly and uniformly administer our policies because to do otherwise would be unfair to good customers who voluntarily do the right thing.

Methods of payment:  In person, drive-up window, 24 hour drop box located on the north side of the city building, automatic bank draft, debit/credit card, online, or by mail. ( Please include your payment stub for proper credit.)  A convenience fee will be added when paying with a debit/credit card.

The postal service is reliable, but not perfect and you alone are accountable for your bill.  If you think you've missed your bill in the mail, call us immediately and we will help you.  Your payment is processed on the day we receive it, not the day it is postmarked or the day you paid it online through your bank.

Direct debit from your checking/savings account is free.  Sign up and never worry about a late payment again. Payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. To sign up complete the ACH Payment Authorization Form and return it to the City office.