Each year the Mulvane Department of Public Safety compiles data which summarizes the past year involving Mulvane Emergency Medical Services, Mulvane Fire and Rescue, and Mulvane Police Department accomplishments. Our success is largely contributed to the loyalty of our employees, cooperation from our community citizens and support from our local business.

The 2019 Mulvane Department of Public Safety Annual Report provides highlights of all the great things our employees are doing the communities we serve. Every employee strives to serve professionally and with honor, regardless of the challenges we face.


2019 Highlights include

·       In April, the Mulvane Police Department moved into their new facility located at 410 East Main Street. This was a moral boost to say the least. With this move came new technology, procedures, equipment, furniture, and energy. All of these changes provided a foundation for increased efficiency to carry MPD into the future.

·       In July, Mulvane Fire and Rescue took ownership a new Toyne 1,500 GPM Pumper. Engine 404 was purchased by the City of Mulvane for just over $450,000, which also included new hose and thermal imagery camera. 

·       Mulvane EMS trained all city employees on hands only CPR and Stop the Bleed. Each city vehicle is equipped with a Stop the Bleed Kit. These efforts are just one example of the contribution Mulvane EMS has made to the City of Mulvane and the citizens they serve.

Employee of the Year

o   Fire – Kyle Gasaway

o   EMS – Gabe Ponce

o   Police – Kevin Jerrick

o   Director’s Award – Lowell Ester

I would like to give a special thank you to Captain Lowell Ester, Captain Flint McPeak and Captain Peter Swart for their efforts in 2019. It truly is a team effort to provide this great service to the citizens of Mulvane.

Gordon B. Fell

Director of Public Safety

Mulvane, Kansas