The residential customer's sanitary sewer charge is based on the average water consumption for that residence for the months of December, January, and February.  Once the sewer average has been established at that residence, the customer will pay that amount all year for sewer service.  Any increase in water usage during these three months will affect the customer's sewer average for the next year.  Conserve water, it is also important to fix any known leaks, such as leaking faucets, or running toilets before the City begins the averaging process.  The customer will notice their new sewer average on the March billing, which is the bill due on May 5th. Please note that customer's that have not established a sewer average will be charged the current City average until they have established their own average.

Most cities use "winter months" consumption to set residential sewer averages for the year.

Commercial customer's sewer bills are figured on the actual gallons of water used every month.

For questions or more information, call the Mulvane Utility Billing Clerk at 777-1143.