Brent Allen

Council Member
Primary Department: City Council

Professional Profile

Councilman Allen took office for his first term in January 2018.


I made the choice over 20 years ago to move to Mulvane and start a family. It was the right community to choose to live in. I am proud to serve our community at the capacity of City Councilman.  I proudly served as one of your City Planning Commissioners, and will continue to put the families of Mulvane first. I am active in our community at many levels and invite each able bodied resident of Mulvane to join in on making our City of Mulvane great! Decisions will be made, I am sure they aren’t always going to be easy decisions.  Keeping the greater good in perspective is very important to me, our families, our community, and to our city. With all that said, I am dedicated to giving thoughtful insight and making common sense decisions based on information provided  to me.