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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Allen, Brent Council Member City Council  
Ashmore, Jim Detective Sergeant Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Baker, Kevin Public Works Director Public Works 316-777-9532
Blackwell, Rachael Finance Director Administration 316-777-9511
Bohannon, Branden SRO Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Bradshaw, Brian Wastewater Operator Utilities 316-777-9775
Bryant, Megan Swimming Pool Manager City Parks 316-777-0041
Cardwell, Kevin Council Member City Council  
Duncan, Loren Power Plant Supt.      
Ester, Lowell Fire Captain Fire Services 316-777-4897
Farber Mottola, Nancy Council Member City Council 316-777-0046
Fawcett, Shelby D Accounts Payable Administration  
Fell, Gordon Public Safety Director Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Huntley, Tim Council Member City Council  
Johnson, Sherry Customer Service/Permitting Administration 316-777-1143
McPeak, Flint Police Captain Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Miller, Nicole egov community / training coordinator eGov Training  
Parker, Debbie City Clerk Administration 316-777-1143
Pile, Joel Community Development Director Planning & Development 316-777-9516
Reekie, Bill Utility Supervisor    
Roper, Amber Municipal Court Clerk Municipal Court 316-777-9515
Schmidt, Matt Detective Lieutenant Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Smith-Ritterhouse, Shanna Library Director Public Library 316-777-1211
St. John, Austin City Administrator Administration 316-777-1143
Steadman, Dr. Shelly Mayor Mayor's Office  
Swart, Pete Emergency Medical Services Captain Emergency Medical Services 316-777-4897
Thomas, Chad Support Services Officer Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Tootle, Lachelle Utility Billing Clerk Utilities 316-777-1143
Turner, Pamela Dispatch Supervisor Mulvane Police Department 316-777-4262
Walker, Breuana Court Clerk Municipal Court 316-351-7205
Westfall, Kurtis Council member City Council  
Staff 1-31 of 31